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Hidden Treasure 2014 Newsletter

Hidden Treasure is growing in leaps and bounds! 1.2 million rand profit was raised towards mission and ministry during the year 2013. God continues to pour out His generosity upon us! 4 brand new shops were opened between September 2013 to May 2014, this year, bringing our total to 14 shops in various parts of our country. May the Lord continue to give us the strength and passion to open more and more Hidden Treasure Shops, sharing His Word, bringing His light and love to many communities, all over our nation.

WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO? That is the BIG question!
ATHLONE HT SHOP: All profits go to WPBWD Parkhaven Old Age Home.  
ALBERTON HT SHOP: All profits go to Arise Ministry to Orphans and Widows.   
BELLVILLE HT SHOP: Thembiso Baby House. Mission Outreach into Africa.  
EAST LONDON HT SHOP: BWD Manse Fund. Mission Outreach of the BBA.  
EDENVALE HT SHOP: Mission Outreach of EBC. BWD Director Ministry Fund.
ELDORADO PARK HT SHOP: Mission Outreach of Eldorado Park Baptist. DOLM.
GEORGE HT SHOP: Mission Outreach of the George East Ministers Fraternal.
KINGWILLIAMSTOWN HT SHOP: Project Dorcas. Local BWD Ministries.  
MUIZENBERG HT SHOP: Ministries of the BWD. Mission Outreach - WPBA.
PLUMSTEAD HT SHOP: Hope Prison Ministry in Pollsmoor Prison.
PIETERMARITZBURG SHOP: NCF Ministries. Mission Outreach – KZNBA.
PORT ELIZABETH HT SHOP: Ministries of the BWD. Mission Outreach – EPBA.
RANDBURG HT SHOP: The Randburg Theological College: Principal’s Fund.
SIMONSTOWN HT SHOP: Drug Rehab Programs of 3 Baptist Churches in CT.

PARADIGM SHIFT: A paradigm shift has developed among the Hidden Treasure leadership, over recent years. People have the idea that Hidden Treasure is about raising money for God’s work, and not much more. However, this could not be further from the truth! As Christ followers, we are called to make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey all that He has commanded us. Over 10 000 people visit our shops each month, in search of a good bargain. More than half of our customers would never ‘darken the door of a church’! What a perfect evangelistic opportunity these shops provide! Here, people are exposed to God’s love and compassion in action. Customers interact with our staff who are true Christ-followers. They share their stories and pray for people. This surely is our main focus: Are we not the ‘church in the market place’?

REAL LIFE, REAL STORIES: Nicky was a young woman who had a nervous breakdown after the birth of her first child. Her husband left her, her baby daughter was removed from her care and placed with her in-laws. After many months in Hospital, she was discharged and moved to a special community home for psychiatric patients. After 3 years in the home, Nicky asked if she could volunteer at Hidden Treasure, in an effort to find her feet in society again. Here she met Sheena Coetzee and the wonderful team at the Bergvliet Treasure Shop. They encouraged, loved and supported Nicky. They shared Christ and prayed with her. Today, Nicky has found a relationship with Jesus, her 6 year old daughter has been restored to her, she runs her own home and she has a wonderful fulltime job!

hidden treasure true life stories

Shirley’s husband died tragically in April 2013, leaving her a widow in very difficult circumstances. She moved to Cape Town to be near her family and started attending the Meadowridge Baptist Church. Tere befriended Shirley and found her a place at the Hidden Treasure Shop in Muizenberg. Shirley shares the wonderful joy and healing she has found in meeting new friends. We want to give God thanks and praise for the wonderful way lives are being touched and transformed, through this ministry. 

ANNUAL HIDDEN TREASURE FORUM: Our National Hidden Treasure Forum, attended by 15 staff members from all over the country, was held in May, at the BU Conference Centre. We were faced with the important challenge of re-establishing and underlining our purpose as an organization, our core values and code of conduct for all Hidden Treasure Staff. We revisited our policy documents, spent many hours choosing our words and praying through what we believe the Lord wanted us to say and display, in all our shops. We are proud to announce our:
CORE VALUES: To make the LOVE OF CHRIST tangible in the way that we work, serve, care and share.
MISSION STATEMENT: To help every GENUINE seeker find the REAL TREASURE, an AUTHENTIC relationship with God, through JESUS CHRIST.
CODE OF CONDUCT: In a nutshell - Excellence in everything, for the King!

annual hidden treasure forum

SHOP NEWS: May, Rona and Tere have been extremely busy this year! 4 new shops recently opened their doors to the public:
SIMONSTOWN SHOP – SEPTEMBER 2013: Finance raised to support 3 of our Cape Town Baptist churches in the work they do to rescue lives from drug and alcohol abuse.
GEORGE SHOP – NOVEMBER 2013: Finance raised to support the mission outreach and poverty relief work through the George East Ministers Fraternal.
EDENVALE SHOP – MARCH 2014: Finance raised to support the mission outreach of the Edenvale Baptist Church, and the BWD Director’s Ministry Fund.
ELDORADO PARK SHOP – MAY 2014: Finance raised to support the mission outreach and poverty relief of the Nancefield Baptist Church, including the BU Deeds of Love Ministry.

edenvale hidden treasure charity shop

The EDENVALE shop hit an all-time record for Hidden Treasure, taking in just over R65 000 in cash sales, for the month of May! May Shenton, our very capable National Developer, wonderfully assisted by her sister Rona, her 2 children, Sarah and Allan and her dedicated friends from EBC, faced huge challenges with securing these premises. However, the Lord had the resounding victory, and the shop is absolutely thriving!  May is now Overseer of both the Randburg and the Edenvale Hidden Treasure Shops, and continues to visit the other shops to train and encourage all staff and volunteers. We are so grateful to the Lord for the wonderful gift we have in our dear sister.

PARTNERSHIPS: As an organization, we are extremely grateful to the Lord for 2 family companies that have partnered with us in the work we do. Alec Jordan and his wife Reinette, from AJ SIGNS and Alistair McDonald and his wife Rene, from FREIGHT SOLUTIONS. These companies have willingly assisted us, on numerous occasions, with magnificent signage, and highly efficient courier services. We could not do the work we do, without these 2 generous brothers in the Lord. Your treasure chests are filling up in Heaven!

hidden treasure charity shops

REDDOVEDESIGNS: We like to think that Hidden Treasure was one of Sarah Jeggle’s first clients, when she qualified as a young graphic designer in 2003, and stepped out in faith, to start her own business. Sarah has been doing all our design work, in her spare time, willingly assisting her Mom May Shenton, in her work as HT Developer. We went ‘national’ soon after we opened our first shop: Sarah’s work, in the meantime, has become ‘international’!  J We hope to follow in her foot-steps one day!

NATIONAL HIDDEN TREASURE BOARD: We want to introduce and pass on our gratitude to our National Board members for the work that they do:
Director of the BWD: Mrs. Patricia Ihlenfeldt
President of the BWD: Mrs. Cecelia Dyasi
National HT Developer: Mrs. May Shenton
National HT Coordinator: Mrs. Tere Basson
Treasurer: Mrs. Sharon Keogh
Legal Consultant: Mr. Lucien Lewin
Spiritual Oversight: Rev. Greg Mattei
Oversight – Beneficiaries: Rev. Dave Lock
Human Resources: Mr. Errol Muller
Business Expertise: Mr. Jeff Koster
Staff representative: Mrs. Sheena Coetzee   

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE: Hidden Treasure, as a ministry, is now 11 years old and continues to spread in different directions, all over the country! We have strong interdenominational support, and love being part of what God is doing in our nation. We have 14 Retail Teams, 45 staff members and over 120 volunteers, all working as ‘undercover agents’ for the Gospel, in the market place. Recognising the importance of training the generation to follow, we are continually on the look-out for young people, encouraging them to get involved and be willing to take over from us. Presently we are considering creative ways of sharing the Good News, through multimedia, in all our stores. We are trusting the Shepherd, for His leading and guidance in the way ahead.      

LAUNCHING INTO THE DEEP: As mentioned, we have 14 Retail Teams in various parts of our country. We now have a brand new concept, the possibility of a Hidden Treasure ‘Health Team’, bringing the love of Christ, into the hospitals and clinics throughout the nation.

Hidden Treasure Health Team

As a retired nurse and Women’s Ministry leader, I have sensed a prompting of the Lord, to launch the ‘ONE LIFE’ Campaign, encouraging young people to take up the challenge of training as professional nurses (mission workers) in our country. Almost 3 years ago, the vision was shared with my home church missions committee, and the BWD Executive, who responded with enthusiasm. The National HT Board agreed to finance the official launch of the Campaign in July this year, and an article was printed in the Joy Magazine.
At this point, we are not sure how God would have us move ahead with the ‘ONE LIFE’ campaign, or the Hidden Treasure Health Team. There is a growing crisis in the SA Health Department, due to a shortage of 30 000 professional, registered nurses. The need is obvious! Unemployment too, is a huge problem in our country. How can we marry the two? We want to be obedient to the Lord, and are available to be used Him in this.



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